Single Serve
One Cup Drip Through
Filter Coffee Bag

Fresh Gound Coffee in a Single Cup

Our One Cup
Filter Coffee Bag

Do you enjoy Camping or taking the Caravan out on the open road?
Do you love traveling to all parts of the Uk or around the globe?
Do you wish that you could have a really good cup of coffee at the office, or even on the building site?
Fed up with mediocre, bitter tasting coffee or only being able to use Instant coffee.
Then our One Cup Drip Filter Coffee Bag is just what you have been looking for.
Every coffee bag is individually packed in Nitrogen to keep the coffee as fresh as the day it was roasted by our expert coffee roaster.
You only open it when you are going to make yourselves a great cup of coffee by just adding hot water, and you will smell and taste the difference, Great…………..

Drip Throght Filter Coffee Bag
Using Coffee Sense Filter Coffee Bag

Making A Great Coffee

Coffee Sense One Cup Coffee Pack

Coffee Sense One Cup Filter Coffee Pack

Making A Fresh Cup Of Coffee

All you need is hot water and you can made yourself a cup of Fresh Coffee almost anywhere



One Cup Filter Coffee Bags are great for taking camping, they take up every little space, and you just need hot water to make the coffee. The coffee bag is made using only paper and cardboard and so is Biodegradable


Mobile Friendly

Easy to take on the move, and pack in your Caravan, or Campervan as they can easily be stored, and have a long shelf life

Hotel Rooms

Hotel Rooms & Guest Houses 

Offer your Hotel Guests our One Cup Filter Coffee Bags in your hotel rooms, Easy for your guests to use and they will be impressed that you are offering them a fresh ground coffee.

coffee at work and in the office

Use in the Office

One Cup Filter Bags are great for use in the Office. Just add hot water and enjoy that fresh coffee taste.


We only use the best coffees 

We experimented for months to find just the right coffees to use in our One Cup Drip Through Coffee Bags, a great deal of tasting, and trying different coffees from all over the world, as different coffees and roasts suit different methods of making a coffee before we found the best coffees to pack in them


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